The Season of Singing Has Come

This is a prophetic declaration in the earth, calling the Bride to come away with the Bridegroom to the mountain heights. The winter is over and gone; the season of stripping and bareness when your roots have gone deep to find the water of Life and outwardly there has been no fruit for the eye of man to see – this season has come to an end! Now a warm spring breeze blows and flowers appear on the earth. Leave the lowlands and the safety of the valley and ascend to the cleft of the rock, where the Bridegroom longs to hear your voice and see your face. He is calling you to intimate fellowship face to face with Him. Come away from the crowd of sheep who all move together, jostling and pushing each other to reach the muddied water and come up to the mountain springs where the valley water has its source. Come drink freely of the fresh sparkling clean water of joy on the heights and get a whole new perspective on the valley you have been through! Come and see what lies beyond your valley and the broad place God is bringing you into! Come away from the noise of the crowd and the music of the mournful and hear the new music of Heaven over your life. The season of singing has come and there are new lyrics for you to learn; there is new light for you to bask in. The Son of Righteousness is arising with healing in His wings for those who fear Him. A new season has begun.