Beth Birei (download free print)

Beth Berei means ‘House of the Creative One” in Hebrew. I made this originally as a name plaque for my workroom but the Lord began to speak to me concerning its message. We, His Bride, are the House of the Creative One because we are made in the image of the Creator and He dwells within us. Read More

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Behold the Bride

(Download free print) This painting is birthed out of a vision the Lord gave me of the Bride of Christ. There is an announcement made in the heavenlies; “Behold the Bride, the Lambs wife” and as the veil parts, she is revealed. She is clothed in all her wedding finery, beautiful embroidered linen, pure and bright and on her feet are army boots for she is a warring Bride. But there is something strange… She is found not in the cloistered comfort of a palace, protected from anything that might sully her garment or taint her purity. Read More

Bride of Fire

(Download free print) This painting depicts God's passionate love for His bride. She is seen reflected in the pupil of His fiery eyes. She is worshipping in the beauty of holiness, set-apart for her Bridegroom alone and as He gazes upon her, the fiery zeal of His love removes from her all that would defile or destroy her. All her impurities rise to the surface in the refining fire and as she repents, they are removed forever. She is making herself ready for the Bridegroom. The Hoy Spirit comes to purify and prepare her for her Groom and her bridal garments are beautiful, fine linen, embroidered in the rainbow colors of His love for her. Read More

Arrayed as a Bride

(Download free print) This banner was made following a vision given to me by the Lord. In it I saw a menorah lifted up in the earth, radiant with the glory of God and the sevenfold Holy Spirit. In the vision it was constructed using the ingredients of the holy anointing oil described in Exodus 30:23. This oil was used to anoint the set-apart vessels in the Tabernacle and the priests. The Lord said to me that this was a picture of His Bride, set-apart for Him, arrayed in the beauty of holiness and covered in the glory of God, standing as a light to the nations of the world. The seven spirits of God rest upon her as described in Isaiah 11. Read More

The Season of Singing Has Come

(Download free print) This is a prophetic declaration in the earth, calling the Bride to come away with the Bridegroom to the mountain heights. The winter is over and gone; the season of stripping and bareness when your roots have gone deep to find the water of Life and outwardly there has been no fruit for the eye of man to see – this season has come to an end! Now a warm spring breeze blows and flowers appear on the earth. Leave the lowlands and the safety of the valley and ascend to the cleft of the rock, where the Bridegroom longs to hear your voice and see your face.
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Treasure in Earthen Vessels

This collage depicts the treasure of the revelation of Jesus that God deposits in our earthen vessels –pearls of wisdom and understanding gained in trials we have been through; gold purchased in the Refiner’s fire. The Holy Spirit takes that which is Christ’s and gives it to us as we hunger and thirst for more of Him. Proverbs tells us that the fear of the Lord is His treasury - so if we walk in a greater depth of the fear of the Lord as our walk progresses, God deposits His treasure within our earthen vessels. The layers of different paper squares depict the seasons of refining and testing we have walked through in order to become proved and trusted vessels; those vessels of honour than can be trusted to dispense the treasure of Heaven in the earth.
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The Door Set Before You

(Download free print) This door is both the door set before you in heaven and the door set before you in the earth. First you enter the door to the Secret Place of His Presence by the finished work of the cross and the Blood of the Lamb on the doorposts of your heart. All baggage and burdens are left at the foot of the cross. This door is Jesus, Who is the way, the Truth and the Life. No-one comes into the presence of the Father but through Him. In the place of intimacy with God, you minister to Him and He ministers to you and you receive His secret counsel concerning all He has planned to accomplish through your yielded life. Read More

God Has Prepared a Banquet

(Download free print) This banner depicts the mighty river of blessing and provision the Lord is pouring out on Mount Zion for all the peoples of the earth because He wants them to taste and see that He is good. God is wanting the lost to not only hear the good news of God's love but to actually have a personal experience for themselves of His character, which is 'goodness'. Read More

Drinking at the Waterfall

(Download free print) This painting depicts the Bride of Christ holding up her vessel to be filled from the River of the Water of Life. She is dressed and waiting for the Bridegroom but she knows that daily she must visit this place and have her thirst quenched, in order to sustain herself as the world grows progressively darker. This water has its source under the throne of God and everything lives wherever the river goes. As she drinks this living water, she is able to pour it out on others who are thirsty. Her dress is embroidered with the water of the Word and her vessel becomes filled with light as she tarries here. Read More

Clock for a New Season

These clocks are made from old vinyl records. Their song has fallen silent just as the song of your life has been unheard for so long. A long season of preparation has been your portion and at times you have wondered if it will ever end. Read More